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Application scope of hydraulic fittings
2020-05-14 11:02:40

The range of application of hydraulic accessories is very wide, because the hydraulic components include hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic valve, hydraulic cylinder, etc. the hydraulic valve also has pressure control valve, flow control valve, direction control valve. It can also be divided into plate valve, tube valve, proportional valve, servo valve, etc. The specific functions of hydraulic fittings are as follows:

The hydraulic system is mainly composed of five parts: power component (oil pump), executive component (oil cylinder or hydraulic motor), control component (various valves), auxiliary component and working medium.

  1. The function of power element (oil pump) is to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the hydraulic pressure energy, which is the power part of the hydraulic transmission.

2. The actuator (oil cylinder, hydraulic motor) converts the hydraulic energy of liquid into mechanical energy. Among them, the cylinder moves in a straight line and the motor rotates.

3. The control elements include pressure valve, flow valve and direction valve. Their function is to adjust the speed of hydraulic motor steplessly according to the need, and to regulate and control the pressure, flow and flow direction of working fluid in the hydraulic system.

Application scope of hydraulic fittings

4. In addition to the above three parts, other auxiliary components, including pressure gauge, oil filter, energy storage device, cooler, pipe fitting {mainly include: various pipe joints (flared, welded, ferrule, SAE flange), high-pressure ball valve, quick change joint, hose assembly, pressure measuring joint, pipe clamp, etc.} and oil tank, which are also very important.

5. Working medium refers to hydraulic oil or emulsion in all kinds of hydraulic transmission, which realizes energy conversion through oil pump and hydraulic motor.

In short, hydraulic fittings are widely used in construction machinery, mining, metallurgy, construction and aerospace.

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