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How to use hydraulic filter correctly
2020-05-14 14:26:10

In the hydraulic system, it is used to filter the solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium. The hydraulic filter is installed in the oil circuit of the hydraulic system, which is used to remove the metal powder and other mechanical impurities in the wear of various components of the hydraulic system, keep the oil circuit clean, and extend the service life of the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic oil filter of low pressure series filter also has a bypass valve. When the filter element is not replaced in time, the bypass valve can be opened automatically to ensure the normal operation of the system. If the filter oil is not used for a long time, the impurities (iron filings, copper filings, dust, etc.) in the hydraulic oil will accumulate more and more, and the fine particles will be smaller and smaller.

How to use hydraulic filter correctly

Sometimes, impurities can be seen with the naked eye, it is very hidden, very small, easy to pass through the hydraulic filter, and the hydraulic oil will be used for a long time, and the various characteristics of the hydraulic oil, such as lubrication performance, viscosity characteristics, anti-wear performance, stiffness characteristics, etc., will be reduced.

Many impurities in the hydraulic oil are brought to the working device and control elements through the working cycle, which directly leads to the rapid wear of the hydraulic elements of the whole hydraulic system. The prevention method is to replace the hydraulic oil regularly or to take samples regularly for inspection. In case of any excess, it should be replaced in time.

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