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Problems in the use of hydraulic fittings
2020-05-14 15:01:37

Hydraulic pressure is an industrial term. When hydraulic work or a large number of hydraulic parts are used, there is a certain danger in hydraulic work. When using hydraulic parts, we need to pay attention to the safety specifications of their use. Today, we will take you to understand the problems in the use of hydraulic parts.

Problems in the use of hydraulic fittings

1. Before using the hydraulic parts, you need to check the size of the parts and the model of the above tools. Before using, you need to check the sealing of the parts.

2. The quality problems of hydraulic fittings will directly affect the later use of the machine. When purchasing fittings, it is necessary to select conventional and qualified products.

3. The whole hydraulic parts need to be kept clean and cleaned in time to maintain a clean and comfortable working environment

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