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How to clean the hydraulic fittings
2020-05-14 14:57:01

In the process of use, some dust floating in the air will settle down when the air flows. The same is true of hydraulic fittings. In the process of use, some air pollution will fall on the hydraulic press. You need to clean it. Today, I'll show you how to clean the hydraulic fittings.

How to clean the hydraulic fittings

Excessive dust accumulation will not only affect the appearance of the surface, but also affect the normal use of the equipment, and also seriously affect the service life of the machinery. The dust on the surface of the hydraulic equipment should be cleaned regularly.

The cleaning method can use some dry towels to clean the dust on the surface and keep the workshop clean. The impact on the hydraulic equipment will be greatly reduced. Generally speaking, it can be cleaned once a week.

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