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Classification and application of hydraulic fittings
2020-05-14 14:43:56

In almost every basic component of the hydraulic system, there are a series of accessories for connecting the hose to the pump, valve, actuator and other components. There are many categories of hydraulic accessories, and the use environment is also different.

The thread on the pipe fitting is tapered. Depending on the stress generated by pressing the tapered thread of the outer half of the pipe fitting into the inner half or the end of the part, the pipe thread is easy to leak because it is sensitive to torque - over tightening will deform the thread too much and form a leakage channel around the thread. In addition, when exposed to vibration and large range of temperature changes, the pipe thread is easy to loosen.

Classification and application of hydraulic fittings

When using pipe fittings in high-pressure hydraulic system, pay attention to the leakage around the thread. Because the pipe thread is tapered, repeated assembly and disassembly will only deform the thread, thus aggravating the leakage problem, especially when using forged fittings in cast iron ports.

If the components in the hydraulic system do not need to be removed, brazing or welding can be connected to increase reliability. However, it is inevitable that the connection must be disconnected to allow maintenance or replacement of components. Therefore, apart from the professional hydraulic system, detachable accessories are all necessary. Therefore, over the years, the design of accessories has made great progress to improve performance and installation Convenience, but the overall function of these components remains relatively unchanged.

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